Blink and you’d miss the MSM’s coverage of last week’s horrific Waukesha Christmas parade massacre.

Conservatives have been quite vocal in their criticism of the media over this, but evidently not all the criticism is coming solely from the conservative side.

Despite being conservative himself, Guy Benson is capable of having more liberal friends (crazy, right?), and according to him, some of those liberal friends are also incredibly disturbed by the disappearance of this story from the media:

We know it well.

In short, we’re not impressed. No one of any political persuasion should be impressed by the MSM’s disastrous treatment of this story.

But Media Matters alumnus Oliver Willis thinks that Benson is full of it. As if anyone who isn’t a rabid right-winger were capable of knowing glaring media malpractice when they see it:

Apparently Oliver thinks that all liberals should be as willfully blind and ignorant as he is.

And apparently Benson was correct in expecting someone like Oliver to attempt to undermine his point:

The media’s shameful conduct should alarm everyone.



We may be biased because he’s our friend, but in all the time we’ve known Guy Benson, we’ve never known him to be dishonest. We can’t say the same about Oliver Willis, though.



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