CNN is Real News, Mr. President.

That’s why they can’t afford to dwell on trivial stuff like the Waukesha Christmas parade massacre. Not when there are far more important things going on:

OK, so maybe that’s not as big a deal as what happened in Waukesha, but it doesn’t mean that CNN doesn’t care about the six people who have died so far as well as the many who suffered serious injuries.

Or maybe that’s exactly what it means. Stephen L. Miller took a look at CNN’s homepage this morning and noticed that the Facts First™ network couldn’t seem to find a place anywhere for coverage of the attack:

Cranberry sauce labels and Orange Man Bad. Sounds about right.

Guess 48 hours is just too much to ask after a man intentionally drives his SUV into a crowd of innocent people.

Anyway, since Miller’s initial observation, CNN has seen fit to at least somewhat prominently mention the attack again, which is really the least they can do now that an eight-year-old boy just became the sixth victim to die due to injuries sustained during the attack:

But we’d be lying if we told you that we’re expecting CNN to give this story any real, meaningful priority on their homepage tomorrow. Not as long America needs to know if the pumpkin in pumpkin pie is actually pumpkin.