Heartbreaking new development in the case of the Waukesha Christmas parade attack:

May Jackson Sparks rest in peace. We send our thoughts to the family, who’s child’s memory deserves far better than to be written off as a casualty of a “parade crash,” as CBS News’ David Begnaud has done:

Apparently “parade crash” is the wording that CBS News has decided to go with:

Pathetic. And utterly revolting.

People are dead because a man very clearly deliberately drove his SUV through a crowd of innocent people.

Exactly. “Parade crash” gives the impression that it was just some unfortunate accident, as if two floats ran into each other or something. Which is decidedly not what happened in Waukesha.

Do better, David Begnaud. Do better, CBS News.

The victims and their loved ones deserve better.

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