Yesterday, Stephen L. Miller couldn’t help but notice that CNN’s front-page coverage of the Waukesha massacre had all but disappeared by morning.

But surely local Wisconsin news would continue to make this story a priority, right?

Well, let’s see … someone sent Miller a photo of the front page of today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. How many stories did the paper do on Waukesha?

Maybe we need to get our eyes checked, because, like Miller, we can’t find anything about Waukesha on the front page.

Dude, Waukesha was, like, three days ago. Time to move on to more pressing news:

Now, before you guys lob any further criticism at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, there’s something you should consider:

No, but close:

So they did cover it after all.

That might actually top “parade crash.”

Well, we might know that a man had driven his SUV through a crowd of parade participants and attendees, killing at least six and injuring many more.

But we’re old-school like that. Maybe we just don’t know what journalism really is.

Maybe we’re being too harsh. Maybe we should give the Journal Sentinel a chance to explain themselves:

That’s news to us!

But Waukesha is there now:

Oh. Well. In that case, guess we owe the Journal Sentinel a big apology.