During yesterday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with AG Merrick Garland, GOP Sen. Ted Cruz defended Nazi salutes at school board meetings.

Except no he didn’t. At all. But Aaron Rupar said he did, and that was good enough for media liberals thirsty for any excuse to go after Cruz.

Anyone who actually took the 27 seconds to watch the full video understands that Cruz was not, in fact, defending Nazi salutes at school board meetings. But when you’ve got a bogus narrative that juicy, it’s tough to let it go.

Isn’t that right, MSNBC?

And you’d better believe that the Daily Beast’s jaws are clenched insanely tightly around this one. Glenn Greenwald is no right-wing Ted Cruz sycophant, but he’s absolutely disgusted:

Aaron Rupar, “the fabulist virus.” Brutal but 1000% accurate.

They absolutely deserve to fail. As does anyone who thinks it’s more important to slander or libel a political opponent than it is to have even a shred of integrity. Looking at you, Eric Swalwell and Ilhan Omar, and countless others. The shame here is all yours, not Ted Cruz’s.