As we told you earlier, Vox’s Aaron Rupar grossly mischaracterized Sen. Ted Cruz’s remarks at today’s Senate Judiciary Hearing in order to accuse him of “[defending] Nazi salutes at school board meetings.” Rupar’s accusation was refuted by the footage that he himself posted.

Here it is again:

The only thing less shocking than Aaron Rupar lying about a Republican politician is a Democratic politician taking the lie and running with it.

Go long, Eric Swalwell:

Not to be outdone, here’s Ilhan Omar with her own smug distortion of the truth:

Ilhan Omar just casually defending blatant smears of political opponents on Twitter.

Needless to say, Ted Cruz is not having any of it. Swalwell and Omar may not have offered up legitimate criticisms of Cruz, but Cruz definitely has compelling case against Swalwell and Omar’s integrity.

First, to Eric Swalwell:

Now it’s Ilhan Omar’s turn:

Eric Swalwell and Ilhan Omar either didn’t watch the video — which is what Aaron Rupar was counting on — or they’re purposely misrepresenting Ted Cruz with the goal of dragging him through the mud for having the gall to hold Merrick Garland to account.

In either case, Swalwell and Omar — and Rupar, of course — are the bad guys here. And Cruz has them dead to rights.

Come at Ted Cruz, you’d best not miss.