Vox’s Aaron Rupar has been watching Merrick Garland testify before the the Senate Judiciary Committee very, very closely.

And he’s counting on his followers to be watching far less closely.

Take Ben Sasse’s moment in the spotlight, for example. Sasse did an excellent job of doggedly holding Merrick Garland accountable for his words and actions.

When Sasse appeared on Fox News to discuss his exchange with Garland, here’s how Rupar rushed to frame it:

“A soundbite shorn of context.”

Seriously, if anyone would know about stripping soundbites of context, it’s Aaron Rupar, selective editor extraordinaire.

Like with Sasse, Sen. Ted Cruz’s line of questioning was excellent, and Aaron had to make sure that his followers wouldn’t find out. We’re honestly not sure what context was missing from the soundbite with Sasse, but it’s very obvious that there’s some very important context missing from Rupar’s tweet about Cruz’s exchange with Garland:

Aaron apparently hopes none of his followers actually watch the video, because if they do, they might figure out that his gross oversimplification of Cruz’s remarks is insanely dishonest and downright dirty.

Ted Cruz wasn’t suggesting Nazi salutes are cool and OK, Aaron. But he was correctly pointing out that they’re protected under the First Amendment, to which Merrick Garland agreed.

What makes Rupar’s framing even slimier is that Cruz was referring to a parent who gave a Nazi salute to point out what they felt were oppressive school board policies. Is that the best way for a parent to make that point? Probably not. But Cruz, unlike Rupar, understands that the parent had a right to do it.

Aaron doesn’t care about the truth. It just can’t hold a candle to all the sweet likes and retweets.

We’re sure that Aaron Rupar will sleep soundly tonight knowing that his chronic dishonesty is being used to smear Ted Cruz as a Nazi apologist if not outright Nazi sympathizer.

Sweet dreams, Aaron. You colossal prick.