In case you missed it, President Joe Biden — who is president, mind you — waved off concern about angry pro-illegal-iimmigration activists following Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (as well as students) into a public bathroom at ASU, where they not only accosted her but also recorded her without her consent.

Joe Biden’s take would be messed up if anyone said it. But the President of the United States said it, which makes it even more messed up.

So why haven’t his remarks brought about universal condemnation?

One of the journalists with a selective hearing problem is the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman:

The Bulwark’s Charlie Sykes evidently heard it the same way Maggie Haberman did:

Haberman and Sykes are also leaving out an important piece of the sentence:

It’s hard to ignore a “but” this big.

Why isn’t that in your tweet, Maggie?

You’re damn right, it’s news.

Do better, Maggie Haberman. When you’re where you’re at, it shouldn’t be difficult.



Here’s CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski with a similar take to Haberman’s:

We want to make of his full comments what deserves to be made of his full comments. Because in his full comments, Joe Biden dismissed violation of Kyrsten Sinema’s personal space and privacy as “part of the process.”

We’re sure.

We’re sure Glenn Kessler dutifully retweeting Haberman is just him being honest, too:

Gotta check those facts!



‘This is wholly inappropriate’: Sen. Kyrsten Sinema issues statement slamming activists who harassed her and students in ASU bathroom