Remember back in late July, when Twitter slapped Dave Rubin with a temporary account lockout for “violating the policy on spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to COVID-19”?

Well, they eventually decided that they’d made an “error” and ended up apologizing to Rubin for the “inconvenience.”

We’d say that in light of recent events, Twitter should show their sincere contrition by temporarily locking themselves out:

Well, Joe Biden definitely wants a federal vaccine mandate. To him, it “is not about freedom or personal choice.” A sane society should most definitely take a pause. Is Twitter part of sane society?

Rubin’s take wasn’t dishonest in July, and it’s not dishonest now. Joe Biden has announced a vaccine mandate. Joe Biden has effectively — and incorrectly — told Americans that the vaccine is not effective. There have been and continue to be breakthrough COVID19 cases. Booster shots are already being suggested for the immunocompromised.

On its face, Rubin’s original tweet has proven accurate. And a sane society should take a pause.

That must’ve been it.