As Twitchy just reported, one prong of President Biden’s plan to shut down the virus (which he told us he’d do last October) is to impose huge fines on businesses with more than 100 employees that don’t mandate vaccinations or weekly COVID tests for their workforces. Biden made it clear in his speech that this is not about freedom or personal choice. We’ve been told this before by wits like Rick Wilson and Wajahat Ali, who spell it “freedumb” when referring to those ignorant MAGA types who oppose mandatory vaccines.

By the way, it’s funny how Biden thinks 5 p.m. is “tonight” — guess he gets put to bed even earlier than we thought.

Tell us he’s not segregating the country into the vaccinated vs. the unvaccinated:

We’re old enough to remember when Biden said vaccinations would not be mandatory and that all he asked was that Americans wear masks for just 100 more days.