Yesterday, Twitter decided that they’d had enough of Dave Rubin for a while. They locked him out of his account, allegedly for “spreading misleading and potentially harmful misinformation related to COVID-19.”

This was the tweet that got their attention:

Twitter’s explanation does seem absurd:

Honestly, we’re not sure what Rubin said that was so controversial. Joe Biden is, in fact, asking questions about whether or not the federal government can mandate that everyone in the country get vaccinated. Alleged “experts” in the federal government and at the CDC are effectively telling us that, in working the way vaccines are supposed to work, the COVID19 vaccines don’t work. Technically, breakthrough cases are possible for vaccinated individuals (though those individuals cases are likely to be far milder than in unvaccinated individuals). Booster shots have in fact been floated as a possibility, at least for some people:

As for Rubin pointing out that “a sane society would take a pause,” well, Twitter, show us the lie.

Yeah, whoops!

Their bad!

They must’ve gotten quite a bit of pushback. They could save themselves a lot of humiliation and idiocy going forward if they’d just start learning from past mistakes and stop reflexively suspending and silencing people who question a prevailing narrative that’s riddled with gaping holes.