Yesterday, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy reassured confused Americans that the COVID19 vaccine is safe and effective.

Just kidding!

Well, technically Murthy said that fully vaccinated parents should be wearing their mask at home as well as “outside, when they’re at indoor public locations.” You know, taking that “extra step to protecting those at home.” His clumsy wording makes it unclear if he’s suggesting that vaccinated parents should wear their masks outside at this time. But if we’re going by the federal government and CDC’s other remarks on this stuff, it’s fair to assume that if Murthy isn’t already recommending that vaccinated people mask up outside, he or some other “expert” will any day now.

Because these clowns are hellbent on doing whatever they can to maintain their grip on Americans’ lives. When the vaccines weren’t yet widely available, they said that we couldn’t get back to normal until we were vaccinated. Now that the vaccines have been widely available for months, they’re telling us that we can’t get back to normal because of the vaccinated.

The vaccines work. They do exactly what they’re supposed to do. And now the government and CDC want us to believe that’s a bad thing.

Our so-called “experts” don’t care about public health. Not anymore. This is purely about power now, and they’ll be damned if they relinquish it.