David Frum thinks it’s just a “myth” that Americans have been left behind by the U.S. government in Afghanistan. Is it also a myth that the same thing is happening to brave Afghans who risked their lives to help us?

Brave Afghans like Mohammed, an interpreter? An interpreter who helped to save the life of … the man who would one day abandon him?

And Tony Blinken, Joe Biden’s secretary of state who’s insisting that it’s “simply wrong” to say that the administration has endangered Americans and our Afghan allies, was there, too:

Is that calmness? Or just brutal callousness? We’re going to go with the latter.

Meanwhile, perhaps Jake Sullivan would like to explain to us how being left behind at the mercy of the Taliban is in the best interest of Mohammed and his family. Because they’re potentially literally dying to know.

Dear God.


This is absolutely devastating. Every ounce of blood that has been spilled and has yet to be spilled as a result of this administration’s disastrous policy decisions will be a stain on Joe Biden’s soul, if he even has one anymore.



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