Pentagon press secretary John Kirby has busted out a top-notch song-and-dance routine to defend the Biden administration’s colossal eff-up in Afghanistan. Americans get stranded in countries all the time, says Kirby.

And for the record, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan not only believes that abandoning Americans to terrorists is totally normal. but that it can actually be the right thing to do if you really stop and think about it:

Jake Sullivan cares about leadership. That’s why he understands that doing what’s in the best interest of Americans at home and Americans left stranded in Afghanistan might be leaving Americans — and our Afghan allies — to try their luck with the Taliban.

The same Taliban, by the way, that Sullivan refuses to rule out giving aid to:

“We will wait and see by their actions how we end up responding in terms of the economic and development assistance.” Well, we’ve been watching their actions so far, and we’ve gotta say that we’re not encouraged.

Perhaps Jake Sullivan can explain to us how being murdered by the Taliban was in Fawad Andarabi’s best interest.

Are the Taliban acting in those people’s best interests, too, Jake? Should we keep an eye on them and see if they do anything that suggests we shouldn’t give them more of our money and equipment?

So what’s a few billion dollars between friends? At this point, what difference does it make?

Ah, right. It’s not stealing if someone just leaves it there for you.

Maybe we should send him to Afghanistan so he can find out.