Last week, Secretary of State Antony Blinken suggested that Americans stranded in Afghanistan were to blame for being stranded in Afghanistan.

And now, after all that’s happened in the interim, Blinken is finally ready to acknowledge the Biden administration’s culpability.

Except no he isn’t:

More from The Hill:

“The idea that we’ve done anything to put at further risk those that we’re trying to help leave the country is simply wrong. And the idea that we shared lists of Americans or others with the Taliban is simply wrong,” Blinken told host Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“What was shared?” Todd asked.

Lists. Lists were shared:

“In specific instances when you’re trying to get a bus or a group of people through, and you need to show a manifest to do that, because particularly in cases where people don’t have the necessary credentials on them or documents on them, then you would — you’ll share names on a list of people on the bus so they can be assured that those are people that we’re looking to bring in. And by definition, that’s exactly what’s happened,” Blinken explained.

By definition, the U.S. government put American and Afghan allies’ lives in danger. And then tried to wash their hands of the whole damn thing.

That freaking guy.

All lies. Their lips don’t even have to be moving for them to lie to our faces.

Good luck with that. It won’t be happening during the Biden administration, that much is clear.

Sounds like our best bet.

You know what? Send them all back to the Hamptons. And put the real grownups in charge.