Joe Biden’s handling of the border crisis has been nothing short of a dream. And by “dream,” we of course mean “nightmare.”

It’s been horrendous all the way down. Migrants are still surging to the border — often bringing COVID19 with them — and subsequently being released and getting lost track of.

To be fair, though, they kind of have to be released. Because at a certain point, the cages become too full to contain any more:

Illegal immigration advocates love to remind opponents that no person is illegal, that migrants are still humans worthy of dignity. We’d like to know what’s humane or dignified about cramming them into already overcrowded facilities.

This wasn’t supposed to happen under President Biden and Vice President Harris. Not on their watch. Maybe they can just blame someone else.

Damn that Ron DeSantis.

We just need to get someone with a loud megaphone to amplify this national scandal. Is AOC available?

Just as soon as she finishes up with her more pressing business.

Priorities, you know.