Area Expert™ Tom Nichols thinks people like Ellen Carmichael who question the scientific basis for maintaining travel restrictions from European countries, among others, while noting that similar restrictions aren’t in place for people from countries with relatively low vaccination rates are just a bunch of unscientific, anti-immigrant rubes letting their nativist masks slip. We know, we don’t follow his logic, either.

Anyway, in a shocking turn of events, people who do question the merits of a porous southern border — in the midst of a pandemic as well as just in general — have good reason to be concerned. Because Fox News national correspondent Bill Melugin has been paying close attention to what’s been happening at the border, and the situation seems far from under control:

Are they vaccinated? Have any of them been tested for COVID19?

The Biden administration assures us that none of this is even happening:

Narrator: The border is not, in fact, closed. Extreme progress is not, in fact, being made.

And well, pointing out that there are fewer migrants in federal custody is not reassuring when they’re not in federal custody because they’re being released from federal custody into the United States.

This is fine.