Last week, Jen Psaki said that the Biden administration “will maintain all existing travel restrictions at this point” (while doing absolutely nothing to curb the influx of migrants at our southern border).

Republican political consultant Ellen Carmichael is one of many Americans struggling to understand the scientific reasoning behind that decision. Carmichael’s Austrian in-laws have yet to meet her baby daughter, and her family is heartbroken.

So when Fox News’ Bret Baier solicited questions on Twitter for his interview with CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, Carmichael offered up a question about the travel restrictions:

Little did Carmichael realize when she asked that question that she was about to kick the mother of all hornet’s nests.

See, Baier asked her question to Walensky, and Area Expert™ Tom Nichols was absolutely beside himself:

Being pissed off about someone making a valid point is right on brand for Tom Nichols.

Who went nuts, Tom?

Baier was understandably puzzled as to why Nichols was getting so bent out of shape:

Baier did nothing wrong. Nor did Carmichael, who never tried to mislead anyone with her question.

It was a good question. Carmichael has nothing to apologize for.

Nichols, on the other hand …


So, regular people can’t have the same concerns as a political consultant? That’s an awfully elitist attitude, Tom.

(Tom’s referring to Salena Zito, whom he’s accused of fabricating sources and stories. Nichols has also complained about a recent Zito story for which she interviewed Bethany Mandel, because apparently the fact that Mandel is married to Washington Examiner editor Seth Mandel and therefore can’t have widely shared opinions on parenting and homeschooling.)

Just because Tom Nichols doesn’t care doesn’t mean no one else does.

Tom’s tinfoil hat must be cutting off the circulation to his brain. This is approaching Alex Jones-level conspiracy theorizing.

For those keeping tabs on Tom Nichols, he’s creepily fixated on a woman who wants her family to stop being kept apart by arbitrary rules with no scientific basis.

Well, to be fair, Tom Nichols literally has nothing better to do with his time.

Her profession has nothing to do with it. Which is why Tom’s making such a big deal out of it. He’s desperate.

“Incredibly screwed up.” That’s Tom Nichols in a nutshell.

Tom wouldn’t know about using his platform to help anyone.

He just can’t stop.

Oh, it’s definitely a look.

For a guy whose beef is not with Ellen Carmichael, Tom Nichols sure has spent a lot of time talking about Ellen Carmichael.

Like, a lot of time:

Loony tunes is right:

Three. Days.

Tom drawing attention to the travel ban’s cruelty is definitely a silver lining. As is Tom drawing attention to his awfulness — it’s important that as many people as possible realize what kind of person he is.

Sorry most of all to Tom Nichols, who, no matter how far he’s fallen, can always find a deeper bottom to the barrel.