Yesterday, Jen Psaki reiterated that the Biden administration “will maintain existing travel restrictions at this point.”

Bear that in mind when you look at this:

From Axios:

The big picture: The new data come as immigration agents in the Rio Grande Valley highlight over 20,000 apprehensions made in just one week, as noted on Sunday in a tweet by the chief Border Patrol agent for that sector.

    • It’s a sign of the continued surge in people attempting to illegally cross the U.S.-Mexico border.

    • That’s after months of higher-than-normal border crossings, record months for encounters with migrants and more than 1 million apprehensions for the year.

    • The White House’s emphasis on root causes in Central America, focus on critiques of former President Trump’s harsh border policies and insistence that the inflated numbers are just seasonal are falling flat.

Damn right, the White House’s strategies are falling flat. It’s awfully difficult for them to tell us not to believe our lying eyes and ears when there is very clearly a crisis at the southern border.

Americans have a right to be concerned.

The door’s open.

One would expect the White House to care about something like that, but they’ve clearly demonstrated otherwise.

The CDC reportedly wants everyone — including vaccinated people and children — to mask up again as a way to slow and stop the spread of the Delta variant of COVID19. But tens of thousands of people who haven’t been tested and likely haven’t been vaccinated are flooding our southern border and being released to potentially spread the Delta variant and possibly other illnesses indiscriminately.

And the Biden administration’s message? “This is fine.”