Remember all those times Kamala Harris was supposed to go to the border and didn’t? Well, the joke’s on you people.

Because it just so happens that not going to the border was all just part of her master plan:

But Politico said that pouncing Republicans are to blame for Harris finally deciding to visit the border. We’re so confused!

No, it totally was, though! Really!

All that’s missing is her trademark creepy cackle. We’re kind of impressed that she didn’t cackle, actually. Maybe it’s just getting easier to lie without cackling.

She’s come so far:

“We’ve been the border.” But earlier this month, Kamala told Lester Holt that she herself hadn’t been to the border (or to Europe) even though “we’ve been to the border.” She told Lester Holt that she didn’t know when she would be going to the border.

But today, she said that she’s been to the border many times and also that she’s been planning to go to the border since March.

Kamala Harris is now at the border, even though she’s technically not anywhere near the border.

But El Paso is closer to the border than D.C. so she’s still practically at the border.

Hey, man. At least she went to the border but not really! That’s more than most of us can say.

She does. Because it was always her plan since March to go the border and border border border.

Does this mean she’s going to Europe soon?