Even Democrats aren’t buying into Kamala Harris’ convenient trip to ‘A BORDER’ border in Texas … sure, it’s about 1000 miles NORTH of the actual problem but hey, she visited the border, right?

Talk about an absolute embarrassment.


Politically safe.

Check the box.

It feels an awful lot like Harris is continuing to avoid the crisis at the southern border … and considering how much time she spent screeching about it when Trump was president (remember how she would claim the people crossing were FLEEING MURDER CAPITOLS OF THE WORLD?!) this just looks weak.

And makes all of her babbling about the kids in cages seem hypocritical and fake.

To be fair, that is what most of her stances really are, hypocritical and fake.

No wonder he’s so disappointed in her ‘trip’ to the border.

Which is AGAIN, 1000 miles from the border crisis but HEY, she can start pretending she gives a damn since she visited.




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