Yesterday, Palm Beach County Mayor Dave Kerner issued a statement slamming “60 Minutes” — and the media in general — for their blatant smear job against Gov. Ron DeSantis. Kerner is a Democrat, but he was nonetheless disgusted by what they did.

This morning, Kerner appeared on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom,” where he again called out “60 Minutes” for refusing his offer to discuss Palm Beach County’s vaccination efforts before pushing ahead with the smears against DeSantis:

CBS may not have given Kerner an explanation, but their actions can be pretty easily explained: they see Ron DeSantis’ star rising and feel threatened. They’re hacks who prefer dishonesty to truth because they have an agenda to push.

Watch media firefighters do what they’re doing to Ron DeSantis and go not after CBS and “60 Minutes” for journalistic malpractice, but rather after Dave Kerner for calling out the journalistic malpractice (and doing it on Fox News, to boot!).