Last night “60 Minutes” aired a hit piece on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, which in part tries to give the impression that Publix stores were chosen as a private-sector location for vaccine distribution because they donated to the governor’s PAC:

The story had red flags all over it from the get-go:

Here’s what Florida’s Director of Emergency Management — a Democrat — had to say about the “60 Minutes” story:

Moskowitz was appointed to his position by DeSantis but has a solidly Democrat history:

They engaged in partisan “journalism”? What a, uh, surprise.

And what are the odds it was just a “mistake”?

@AGHamilton29 was among the first to spot it when the “60 Minutes” video was being promoted:

And take a look at this:

Well, at least the DeSantis piece allowed “60 Minutes” to ignore doing a deep dive into what happened in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s state for a few more days.

In the eyes of Democrats in the media, the real “crime” Gov. DeSantis has committed is proving that some state governors ruined their economies for nothing and botched vaccine rollouts:

And social media companies will do exactly zero about this:

No “contains misinformation” flags from Twitter or anybody else? Shocker!

“60 Minutes” did at least include reactions from Publix and DeSantis:

“Fake narrative”? Yeah, we’ve seen a lot of that lately.

Editor’s note: This post was updated to include an additional tweet.