“60 Minutes” very deliberately assassinated the character of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in their recent piece on his handling of the COVID19 pandemic in his state.

But according to Axios, that’s not the story.

No, the real story, the real scandal, is Ron DeSantis’ reaction to being defamed:

What even is this?

Um, DeSantis’ answer was edited deceptively. A CBS News spokesman told Axios that it was edited for “clarity,” but the only thing their report clarified is that CBS News and “60 Minutes” are not to be trusted.

And nor, as it turns out, is Axios.

Smug is joking, but only kind of. Axios is essentially suggesting that Ron DeSantis wanted to be smeared by a national news program.

Seriously, what the hell?

Axios should be holding “60 Minutes'” feet to the fire. Instead, they’re treating DeSantis like he’s the bad guy in this scenario.

It certainly does.