Hope “60 Minutes” has got some good lawyers on speed dial, because their day just keeps getting worse. Couldn’t be happening to a nicer bunch of people.

After misrepresenting — and outright omitting — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ remarks for a blatant and brazen hit job, they’re getting throttled for it. Not just by conservative critics, but also by Democrats.

Democrats like Palm Beach County Mayor Dave Kerner, who issued a statement blistering the “60 Minutes” story:

So, according to Mayor Kerner, CBS News and “60 Minutes” made the very deliberate decision to ignore facts that would have undermined their narrative.

Just when you thought CBS News couldn’t possibly look worse.

CBS News’ and “60 Minutes'” offense is so egregious that even Florida Democrats are calling them out.

That CBS News — as well as other media outlets who have helped to spread the “60 Minutes” piece — continue to stand behind this heinous example of journalistic malpractice speaks volumes about the state of our media.

We won’t hold our breath for any media heads to roll over this. After all, they have no reason to believe they won’t get away with this.

Complete fabrication is pretty much the media’s M.O. at this point.

Which raises an important question:

Inquiring minds are just dying to know.