Fiction writer and “Little Fires Everywhere” author Celeste Ng seems pretty intent on setting a pretty big fire of her own today.

In case you missed it, the deadly Atlanta-area massage parlor shootings may not have been racially motivated after all. The suspect reportedly told police that he carried out the shootings as a means of getting revenge for his sex addiction.

The idea that this wasn’t a white supremacist hate crime isn’t sitting well with a lot of people, most notably those who have a vested professional interest in making sure that the racial pot stays good and stirred.

Apparently Celeste Ng is also one of those people:

We’d love to know where that rule is written. Is it in one of Ng’s books? She’s made a career out of writing fiction, after all.

We’re tired, too, Celeste. So tired.

So tired of people who live to make everything into a racial issue without acknowledging the racism inherent in their own twisted system of beliefs.

That’s not a threat; it’s a warning. A warning about “rules” ultimately backfiring on the people who made them.

Great question!

We’re just playing by Celeste’s general rule.