Atlantic editor in chief Jeffrey Goldberg’s name is on everyone’s lips today, thanks to his bombshell story about Donald Trump calling skipping a visit to an American military cemetery in France and calling war dead “losers” in 2018. He talked to “multiple sources,” you guys, so you know it’s legit.

Except it’s maybe not legit at all:

Still, many in the media really, really want the story to be true. They need it to be true.


To her credit, CBS News digital White House reporter Kathryn Watson is urging that more care be taken with this story:

What a concept!

Hell, even Brian Stelter says “it’s ‘put up or shut up’ time”:

But — shockingly! — there are firefighters out there who don’t need Jeffrey Goldberg to put up. Because he’s, you know, Jeffrey Goldberg, and that should be good enough for everybody:

“Jeffrey Goldberg is a responsible journalist w 4 sources.”

“That said.”

Yes it’s a slippery slope. Which is why you should tread carefully instead of barreling down headfirst.

Tim’s sense of smell must be terrible, then.

If we’re to trust Jeffrey Goldberg, then he needs to demonstrate that he’s worth trusting. His “multiple sources” need to go on the record.

Otherwise, he’s just fake news.