This whole ‘story’ about Trump disrespecting dead American troops in France is a ridiculous stretch, even for The Atlantic. When will these media types realize THEY are helping re-elect Trump when they go so far off the rails? Seriously. We are seeing more and more people who did not vote for Trump who have said they WILL this year, mainly because of the crazy media.

Case in point:

We get it, they hate the guy, but c’mon with this nonsense … surely they had to know someone, somewhere would be keeping receipts.

So it was the weather.

We sort of remember this happening, they were all making a big deal about how he wouldn’t go out in the rain to visit a cemetery. Guess when that wasn’t a big enough PEARL CLUTCH they decided to take it a step further with this garbage.

Nameless, faceless sources are the bread and butter of the traditional media.

Bolton isn’t exactly a friend of the president’s.

C’mon, people.

Yeah yeah, the election is less than two months away and we expect these folks to really go all out in trying to destroy Trump, especially since Biden is sucking wind, but only the dumbest of the dumb would believe this tripe from The Atlantic. Although, considering who their readers are …

Never mind. Heh.



‘100% Antifa’ member Michael Reinoehl, suspected of killing Aaron Danielson in Portland, killed by federal authorities