Portland shooting suspect (and 100% Antifa member) Michael Forest Reinoehl was shot and killed by federal authorities during an arrest attempt on Thursday.

From Bearing Arms:

Michael Forest Reinoehl, the Portland protester under investigation in the fatal shooting of Aaron Danielson last weekend, was shot and killed by federal law enforcement in Lacey, Washington late Thursday evening, hours after an exclusive interview with the suspect aired on Vice News in which he claimed that he acted in self-defense.

According to press accounts, a warrant for Reinoehl’s arrest was issued Thursday, but when a task force comprised of FBI agents and U.S. Marshals along with the Lakewood Police Department, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department and the Washington State Department of Corrections closed in on the suspect, Reinoehl allegedly pulled a gun.

Crazy with the VICE article coming out the same day painting Reinoehl as almost a hero.

He thought he had fired the first shot of another civil war.


Andy Ngô wrote a timeline of events around the altercation:

As Cam said, Oregon’s governor might want to call in the National Guard.

Like now.