The Left’s efforts to take down Trump in the last almost four years have included any number of stories based on “unnamed sources” that have proven to be bogus. But that effort obviously hasn’t stalled, perhaps due to the fact that the Democrats’ actions and rhetoric in recent weeks have been nothing short of a total backfire.

The Atlantic even went back to 2018 to cite unnamed “sources” for their latest piece intended to damage Trump:

Also, as we told you late Thursday, “the Associated Press confirmed The Atlantic’s piece based on unnamed sources by finding a different unnamed source who was apparently intimately familiar with all of it.”

In other words, there’s a lot of “unnamed sourcing” going on here, which usually spells out two letters in the minds of many: BS.

Former Trump press secretary Sarah Sanders was there and she’s not having any of it:

So there’s a named source going up against The Atlantic’s unnamed sources, not that they’ll care to lend it any more credence.

It’s time for the “media” (AND they’re “sources”) to put up or shut up with the anonymous claims.