Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer is reaping a bit of the conservative whirlwind over threatening language he directed at SCOTUS Justices John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh. Schumer’s remarks were egregious enough to merit a rebuke from Chief Justice John Roberts.

But apparently Roberts (and other critics of Schumer) are just reading too much into what Schumer said.

First, let’s take one more listen to Schumer’s actual remarks:

Keep those in mind when you read Chris Hayes’ spin:

We’re sure that’s exactly what was going through Schumer’s mind, Chris.

Aside from the fact that Hayes’ explanation doesn’t line up with the BS one we got from Schumer spokesman Justin Goodman

Hayes’ spin literally doesn’t make any sense.

No, Chris. It wasn’t. Kavanaugh wasn’t issuing a threat, and Schumer wasn’t channeling Kavanaugh when he made his comments.

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