Earlier today, GOP Sen. Martha McSally called CNN’s Manu Raju “a liberal hack.”

CNN, needless to say, is not pleased with McSally’s “unbecoming” remark:

One could argue that McSally’s comments were, in fact, unbecoming. But CNN’s response also raises a question: Is it becoming for a U.S. Representative to treat a member of the press that way for simply doing his job?

Anyone remember when Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar got super-snotty with Manu Raju when he tried to ask her a question?

Raju got plenty of pushback from Omar’s supporters, but we don’t recall the media giving Omar too much pushback. Omar’s remarks certainly didn’t drive any MSM news cycles.

Indeed they do. Why is that?



Who’s up for another flashback, this one starring a Democratic U.S. Senator?

Funny, we don’t recall any MSM outrage over that incident, either.