Sam Vinograd is a former member of Barack Obama’s National Security Council who now has herself a plum gig as a CNN national security analyst. Which means she’s got a pretty major media platform to cough up hot takes like this on the increase in anti-Semitic attacks in New York City:

Honest to God: What will it take for people like Sam Vinograd to put aside their partisanship for one damn minute and acknowledge the anti-Semitism plaguing their side? No one is suggesting that anti-Semitism doesn’t exist on the Right, but to pretend that the anti-Semitic attacks in New York City are largely being perpetrated by far-Right nutjobs is to be willfully ignorant — and will accomplish nothing but helping to ensure that such attacks continue.

Hey, remember that time that Donald Trump signed an executive order to combat campus anti-Semitism? Remember how the New York Times’ shoddy coverage of the EO prompted meltdowns on the Left? Remember how the New York Times, rather than apologize for grossly mischaracterizing the EO, chose instead to attempt to save face by accusing Trump of working “to stir the waters of anti-Semitism”?

Well, apparently Vinograd and CNN are totally fine with how that all worked out, because they, too, are using left-wing anti-Semitism to hit Donald Trump. Reality’s not on their side, so they’ll make their own reality.



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