As we told you yesterday, the New York Times recently destroyed their credibility (again) with their grossly inaccurate coverage of Donald Trump’s executive order concerning campus anti-Semitism.

Here’s a scoop: The New York Times are gluttons for punishment. Because yesterday evening, their editorial board offered up this steaming pile of hot garbage:

The New York Times thought that take was so good, they tweeted it out again this morning:

We weren’t exaggerating above, by the way. The piece really is a steaming pile of hot garbage. Here’s a taste:

While Mr. Trump’s action might seem like a gesture of real concern, it does little to target the larger source of violent anti-Semitism in America and possibly threatens free speech rights.

Such incidents are frightening. But the larger threat to American Jews goes beyond college students sparring over Israeli policy. Violent anti-Semitism is being fomented most significantly by white nationalists and the far right.

The threads tying much of the anti-Semitic violence to white nationalist ideology are impossible to ignore. Those seams grew ever clearer in Charlottesville, at “Unite the Right,” where demonstrators displayed swastikas on banners and shouted slogans drawn from Nazi ideology, like “blood and soil.” When white nationalist Richard Spencer was interviewed about the role of anti-Semitism at the rally days later, he said Jews are overrepresented on the left and establishment as “Ivy League-educated people who really determine policy” while “white people are being dispossessed.”

The president himself has trafficked in anti-Semitic stereotypes, frequently endorsing crude, negative caricatures about Jews. On Saturday, speaking before the Israeli American Council, Mr. Trump said that Jews should support him because Senator Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax would put them out of business.

So, we’re just ignoring left-wing anti-Semitism, which has effectively been mainstreamed by the Democratic Party? And by the way, Trump’s comments before the Israeli American Council were not, contra AOC, anti-Semitic. Only an idiot desperate to shift focus away from left-wing anti-Semitism would insist otherwise. Which explains why the New York Times editorial board is doing it.

Their excuse is that they’re garbage. Which isn’t so much an excuse as it is a searing indictment of their awfulness.



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