As Twitchy told you yesterday, Al Jazeera English presenter and Intercept journalist Mehdi Hasan did his best impersonation of an Ilhan Omar/Rashida Tlaib apologist outraged by anti-Semitism after Donald Trump’s God-awful “great disloyalty” remark about Jews who vote for Democrats.

After Trump clarified his remark today by essentially doubling down on it, Hasan once again took to Twitter to white-knight for Omar and Tlaib:

Is Hasan honestly contending that being a white supremacist is a prerequisite for anti-Semitism? Is he honestly contending that Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib haven’t been open and unapologetic with their anti-Semitism?

And is he honestly contending that he isn’t tying himself into intellectual knots in order to defend Omar and Tlaib from accurate charges of anti-Semitism?

It shouldn’t have to be said that anti-Semitism is awful and inexcusable no matter what political side it’s coming from, but here we are.