Well, this is awkward. In his feverish attempt to clean up the mess he made when he decided to publicize the names and employers of private citizens who donated to Donald Trump, Joaquin Castro seems to have missed this tweet, which he sent out in response to the backlash against Ilhan Omar over her 9/11 remarks:

You don’t say!

It most certainly didn’t.

What would Castro call what he did? What is tweeting out list of innocent private citizens to publicly shame them and make them “think twice” about supporting Donald Trump if it’s not targeting and endangering their personal safety?

That’s the lesson here. Joaquin Castro is a hypocrite of the highest order:

Maybe Joaquin Castro should pass a law against himself.



Looks like Joaquin Castro’s doxxing campaign against Trump donors snagged one of his own (and the guy is pissed)