As Twitchy told you earlier, Joe Scarborough thinks that Joaquin Castro’s attempt to doxx private citizens who donated to Donald Trump is totally fine because their information is publicly available and anyway, Donald Trump is a racist.

Well, it’s somewhat encouraging to know that Scarborough’s “Morning Joe” cohost Willie Geist isn’t quite as willing to overlook the danger inherent in Castro’s actions. He confronted Castro about it this morning. Evidently Castro was unprepared to be pressed by an anchor at a reliably Democrat-friendly, anti-Trump network, because his defense was a hot mess:

What a piece of work.

Castro is full of crap and he knows it. Just like he knows exactly what he was doing when he tweeted out that list of donors.

Good on Willie Geist for holding Castro accountable.

Shame on his MSNBC colleagues (and NBC News) for failing to do so.