As we told you yesterday, Republicans pounced after Joaquin Castro posted the names of San Antonio residents who have donated the maximum amount ($2,700) to the Trump campaign. After criticism, Joaquin — the brother of Democrat presidential candidate Julian Castro — claimed that what he did was perfectly acceptable because there was no “call to action.”

MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough thinks it’s totally appropriate to publicize the names and workplaces of Trump donors for the presumed purpose of shaming them. He started out by disagreeing with Rep. Kevin McCarthy that it was an effort to “target and harass Americans”:


In other words, Trump donors have it coming, according to Scarborough:

After Scarborough’s tweets, it started getting a little awkward:

As many have noted whenever Scarborough slams Trump and now his donors, he’s certainly made his share of in-kind “contributions” over the years:



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