As Twitchy told you last night, Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro defended his brazen attempt to doxx private Trump donors by claiming that it was OK because there was “no ‘call to action'”:

Castro also pushed back against criticism from GOP Rep. Kevin McCarthy:

Fortunately for Castro, he’s got knight in shining armor Rashida Tlaib to help him slay all those pouncing Republicans. Last night, Tlaib gave Castro’s tactics her special seal of approval:

Doxxing private citizens who want to re-elect a politician you don’t like is a public service now. Hell of a precedent we’re setting here.

And she’d be right to. Tlaib is a well known bigot who foments bigotry on a regular basis, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to open her supporters up to harassment or worse. And yet, here she is, advocating for the targeting of private citizens. And in the wake of mass violence, no less.