It’s not breaking news that Reza Aslan is a garbage person. But it’s always interesting to see what new ways he’s come up with to remind us.

On a recent edition of his show, Ben Shapiro spoke about the media’s largely unhinged responses to the recent mass shootings. One of the media personalities he mentioned was Reza Aslan, who, if you’ll recall, tweeted this about Trump supporters earlier this week:

More from Shapiro:

Obviously, [Aslan is] either insane or he’s wildly intellectually dishonest. I think that it is the latter because I don’t think that Aslan is insane. But the notion that every single person in the United States who voted for Trump or plans on voting for him in 2020 backs racist shootings in an El Paso Walmart is patently disgusting and ridiculous. And this was the line from a lot of folks in the media yesterday. And again, they’re applying standards that they would never apply to folks on their own side of the aisle.

We sincerely doubt that Aslan was listening to Shapiro’s show, but his ears must’ve been burning, because last night, he tweeted about Shapiro’s commentary. And accused him of “fomenting the rise of white nationalist terrorism.” Because of course:

We know Shapiro said he doesn’t think Aslan is insane, but with all due respect, he might want to reconsider.

There is indeed that.

At the very least.



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