Last year, after the media created the Covington Catholic High School hoax, journalist (?) Reza Aslan was advocating to punch a high schooler in the face.

And now the same guy wants to eradicate all Trump supporters.

Maybe eating human brains made him more aggressive … and a whole lot dumber. Seriously, if he was trying to prove why Americans should be armed he just did it with these two tweets.

Tough guy talk tough.


But this wasn’t even the worst of it.

Ok, so if Trump supporters really are that bad and that dangerous did Reza think it was smart to threaten to ‘eradicate’ them? And c’mon, imagine if someone on the Right had tweeted about eradicating Obama supporters.

It would be all over the news.

But since it’s just Trump supporters being threatened … nada.

So damn bad.

Right? ‘Give up your guns, ERADICATE THE TRUMP SUPPORTERS.’

Same people.

And of course, Twitter does nothing.

Just like they continue to do nothing about the hate and threats Dana Loesch receives.

Tell us again, Jack, how your platform isn’t biased. Enlighten us.


But they don’t care.

Good question.

But you know, orange man bad.


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