A New York City art gallery owner claims that he was physically attacked by a group of teens because he was wearing a MAGA hat:

More from The Hill:

[Jahangir “John” Turan] claims he was “jumped” by a group of about 15 young people who yelled obscenities like “f— Trump” before allegedly assaulting him.

He accused one teenager of smashing his head into a scaffolding pole, resulting in severe bruises and a swollen eye.

“It all happened within 10 seconds,” he said. “I jumped out, crossed the street and called the police.”

Turan told the outlet that he suffered a fracture in his cheek and will hear from a specialist if there has been any permanent damage to his sight.

“It’s sad to get beat up for wearing this hat. This is America,” Turan said.

If his account is true, shame on his attackers and on anyone who condones this kind of politically motivated violence. And make no mistake: There are plenty who condone it.

Here are some people who truly believe that:



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