Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is really gonna drive this whole Green New Deal crazy train over the cliff. Despite her policy proposal crashing and burning in the Senate, she’s still plugging the GND like it’s the answer to all our problems — and taking cues from airplane-hating meteorologist and certifiably insane climate change alarmist Eric Holthaus:

According to AOC, we need to get this Green New Deal show on the road. Ten years isn’t too soon if we want prevent the impending “climate disaster.” She knows this because of “scientific consensus”:

Yeah, AOC’s not basing these goals on “some arbitrary political rationale.” Except according to her own chief of staff and BFF, Saikat Chakrabarti, that’s exactly what she’s doing:

Man. It’s bad enough that Chakrabarti calls her AOC. But to have put something out there that undermines her alleged motivation for the Green New Deal? That’s just awkward.

What a bummer, too. We had such high hopes for the Green New Deal.