As Twitchy told you, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been lobbing some pretty serious (and as yet unsubstantiated) accusations against CBP officers. She also whipped her followers into a frenzy over a story about a pro-CBP Facebook group whose members made nasty and threatening remarks about her. The article about the group, it should be noted, only linked to three actual CBP agents.

In any event, it should come as no surprise that her squad bestie Rashida Tlaib is backing AOC up and using AOC’s accusations to impugn the entire Border Patrol. She recently took her act to MSNBC:

There’s something disgustingly ironic about Tlaib accusing CBP agents of trying to dehumanize migrants, considering that Tlaib joined with AOC in voting against bills to send additional funding to detention facilities, not to mention the fact that Tlaib also applauded the Wayfair Walkout that was intended to take beds away from migrant children.

So please forgive us if we’re not inclined to take Tlaib’s less-than-righteous indignation seriously. Particularly given her own history with problematic Facebook groups. As AG_Conservative points out, Tlaib has numerous anti-Semitic social media ties:

So Tlaib needs to shut her pie hole and take several seats.