As Twitchy told you, the New York Times added another creepy euphemism to ever-expanding Pro-Abort Guide to Pretending Unborn Babies Aren’t Human, referring to fetal heartbeats as “embryonic pulsing.” But running interference for the culture of death is a big job, and the New York Times can’t do it alone. Which is why they’re fortunate to have help from other powerful media outlets like CNN.

That’s a great question. Because honestly, Planned Parenthood would be hard-pressed to find better spin doctors than CNN today:

The claims weren’t false, CNN. Love the scare quotes around “infanticide,” though. That’s some top-notch Real News, Mr. President.

Hell, they’ll stand up and cheer to show their support. They’ll light up buildings to show their support. They’ll go on the radio to show their support.

Do we need to go to the videotape? Because we can go to the videotape:

Someone’s making false claims about infanticide, all right. But it’s not Mike Pence. It’s not Donald Trump. It’s CNN.

The first step toward recovery is admitting you have a problem. And CNN’s got a serious problem.



That was close! CNN’s Alisyn Camerota almost acknowledges that an unborn child is a child