As Twitchy told you yesterday, Virginia Democratic House Delegate Kathy Tran advocated for legislation that would permit not just third-trimester abortions, but abortions right up to birth.

This morning, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam weighed in on the proposed Repeal Act. And if you thought it was messed up listening to a state House delegate push this crap, wait until you hear an effing governor do it:

Pardon our French, but what in the ever-loving f*ck?

Yes, you’re hearing that correctly.

A pediatric neurologist who’s straight up arguing that it should be legal to murder babies born alive on a whim.

That’s all it was ever about.


It’s not.

Not on our watch.

The people advocating for this legislation have no business crafting any legislation.

The debate over the death penalty is a complex one. There should be no debate when it comes to the state-sanctioned murder of innocent children. It’s wrong. It’s immoral. Full stop.

He should delete his entire political and medical careers.


Democrats own this now. Someday — whether it’s in this life or the next — they’ll have to answer for it.

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