Good news, everyone! Turns out that the New York state legislature doesn’t have a monopoly on advocating for murder.

Check out this footage from the Virginia State House:

Words can’t express the horror we just witnessed.

Virginia Democrats are full-on embracing a culture of death.

It is murder. Straight-up murder.

If there’s a more slippery slope than this one, we can’t think of it.

As sickening as it gets.

We have to be better than this. For humanity’s sake, we have to be better than this.



Here’s Democratic State Del. Kathy Tran’s spin on her performance:

“Reproductive freedom” is a hell of a euphemism for “state-sanctioned infanticide.”



Is Kathy Tran embarrassed or something?

If we were caught on tape advocating for infanticide, we’d run and hide, too.

* * *


Nikki Haley weighs in:

Editor’s note: This post initially identified Kathy Tran as a Virginia state representative. She is a state delegate. We apologize for the error.