As Twitchy told you, Nancy Pelosi said today that she’s not sure when House Dems will actually vote on that resolution condemning anti-Semitism (and Islamophobia). But that’s OK, because according to Pelosi, Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitism is totally not intentional.

Well, just in case it wasn’t already clear that Democrats are willingly taking ownership of anti-Semitism, here’s Bernie Sanders:

This jackass loves it, of course:

As do plenty of others:

But any liberal who isn’t a raging anti-Semite should be pretty damn disgusted with Bernie right now. Omar’s critics are “stifling debate”? Really?

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Kamala Harris has chimed in as well:

‘Shame on you, Kamala’! Kamala Harris’ statement on Ilhan Omar and House resolution is nothing short of ‘disgusting’



It’s all about the importance of debate, you guys:

What a joke.