If you, like us, thought Nancy Pelosi’s professed commitment to actually purging the Democratic Party of anti-Semitism was less than sincere, congratulations. You were right:

The Foreign Affairs Committee llhan Omar sits on? That one?

Really, Nancy?

It’s almost as if Omar’s anti-Semitism is actually very intentional. And it’s almost as if Nancy Pelosi is intentionally making excuses for it.

If Nancy Pelosi never had any intention of holding Ilhan Omar accountable for her anti-Semitism, is it really a cave?

The Dems are going down in flames — and Nancy Pelosi’s the one holding the match.

You realize what this means, Nancy, don’t you? You own this. The Democrats own this. All of it.



Though it’s mentioned above, it’s also worth highlighting that Nancy Pelosi’s not even sure when — if at all — the vote on the resolution will happen.

Just pathetic.

Very hard, evidently.

The queen is dead; long live the kweeeeen.



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