Will journalists’ suffering never end? After everything they’ve been through, after being the real victims of their own smear campaign against the Covington Catholic High School students, now they’re having to contend with people tweeting nasty things at them.

Is there no end to this injustice? NBC News reporter Ben Collins, for one, is fed up over Twitter’s inaction on all the “targeted harassment”:

Death threats are never justifiable, and there’s no excusing them. But much of the “targeted harassment” that’s got journos all pissed off right now consists of jokes about them following their own past advice to blue-collar Americans to “learn to code.” That’s a far lesser offense than doubling, tripling, and quadrupling down on false narratives in order to stir up outrage against a group of high school boys. NBC News, where Collins works, was among the shameful perpetrators of the smear campaign that generated doxxing and death threats against the boys. And Collins himself outright blamed Fox News for last year’s failed mail bomb campaign against CNN and prominent Democrats, adding fuel to that fire.

So forgive us if our well of sympathy for ego-bruised journalists has all but run dry.

Sorry, Ben, if we’re not swayed by journalists’ selective outrage.

And hypocrites.

Journalists are constantly reminding us how special and important they are. How much better they are than the rest of us. So maybe when they start holding themselves to higher standards and stop engaging in targeted harassment of their own, we’ll give them a listen. Until then, we have no tears to shed.